Monday, September 15, 2008

Through The Storm

With Hurricane Ike having recently pounded Houston, TX there were some concerns here at Web Feat since we have a few servers in that location.

However, the datacenter and it's staff were more than prepared to handle the storm. When the power went out, backup generators kicked in and it was business as usual. While utility power has yet to be fully restored to the datacenter, everything should return to normal within a few days.

So far there has been no downtime as a result of the hurricane and we owe it all to the excellent and dedicated staff in Houston. This is the main reason why we have our servers hosted with a reliable datacenter instead of trying to handle it locally, on our own.

Web Feat prides itself on peronalized customer service and support and we feel totally comfortable dealing with clients on any issues involving their website and email. When it comes to datacenters, Internet backbone providers, facility security, etc. we leave that to professionals who feel comfortable delivering that service.

In the end, our clients receive excellent support all around, while keeping the price very reasonable.

Web Feat